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Do you need an animation made? Tell us what you want and we'll make it for you!

Animations add more than just illusion of motion.  They attract attention to key elements, and bring a sense of life to an otherwise bland format.   Take a  look at these samples and imagine how animations like these could add to your web site.

Custom animation prices are determined by the number of frames and the complexity of the animation with an average of $2.50 per frame and a $10 minimum.   Below is a sample of pricing.  Email us with your idea and we will send you an estimate. If you have a clipart sample email it to us with animation estimate in the subject line.


Sample 1 Animation - 5 Frames    $12.50

Sample 2 Animation - 21 Frames   $52.50

Sample 3 Animation - 7 Frames   $17.50

Sample 4 Animation - 2 Frames  $10



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