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Surf for fun...... Need Animation...... Download it and take it for FREE!

Custom Animation made upon request!!

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Dear Visitor:

Animation Playhouse is a collection of clipart animation full of fun and kid friendly. This collection is free to download.  You can create fun WebPages, and emails with this free animation. All you need to know is how to save, cut and paste (read terms of use).  There is no registration or hassle to get to the animation.  This animation is sponsored by our advertisers on the site.

We do ask if you do download the  free clipart animation, please give us a link and credit in your website.  We want to continue to add free animation so please be kind and give us credit and a link!  If you have a free webmaster tool why not add to our webmaster tools area?

You don't have to download  zip files or purchase software to use it. The images are created in GIF and JPEG and you can cut and paste your free animated graphics to your hard drive.  The animations are designed to work in emails and websites without having any animation knowledge. Most images can be resized on your WebPages or email.

If you don't know how to copy these animations and need to know how to"save, cut and paste" for Internet Explorer or Netscape, click here.  DO NOT link to our site!! 

This site will be updated often with more animations. Stay tuned and bookmark our site to visit often. 



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